Mediaite Home Page Draws Record 6.5 Million Visits in January


Websites, including ours, like to tout large numbers of people coming to read or watch their content. After all, on the business side of journalism, we are judged based on pageviews, visitors, viewers, and ultimately dollars. The problem is, those numbers can vary wildly month-to-month. Did we have a big scoop? Did a partner refer more or less traffic? How much came from Google or Facebook? Those are critical questions that publishers face every day.

It can be maddening to be dependent on factors which can often be so unpredictable. That is why the record we set this month is so encouraging. It is not based on a single big story, or how many links we received, or how much traffic a partner sent. It is simply based on how often you, our readers and viewers, came to see what we had on the front page of

In January, we drew a record 6,532,590 views to the front page of our site. That is 16 percent higher than our average in 2018, and a whopping 45 percent higher than 2017 (which included record traffic months to the site as a whole). Those are also front page numbers higher than most of the biggest names in the industry.

In this constantly shifting media environment, a change in Google’s algorithm or Facebook’s policies can be devastating (or maybe exhilarating). All the hard work that goes into creating unique, smart and valuable content can feel wasted if no one outside of a particular media ecosystem sees it. But traffic vicissitudes become far less significant when you have this kind of devoted readership and following.

So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making us a part of your day and thank you to those who added to the over 1 million monthly comments on the site. (Yes, I am well aware that some of you love to hate us and we still appreciate you as well.)

And a hearty congratulations to the Mediaite staff. This is a record in which every one of you can and should take great pride. Your coverage has been insightful, smart and unafraid. And that is being recognized in the 6.5-plus million times viewers came to see what you are covering. And they are coming back for more.

I am so proud of what the site has become.

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