Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher To WSJ Radio On Keith Olbermann: ‘He’s Like Fat Elvis Now’

Our own Tommy Christopher has been reporting since yesterday afternoon on the story of Keith Olbermann‘s departure from Current TV, his home after his goodbye from MSNBC. He spoke to Michael Castner on The Wall Street Journal‘s “Daily Wrap” yesterday about Olbermann’s disputes with management, his infractions, and his future elsewhere, which Christopher argued might be more limited than it was in the past.

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Christopher explained that the tension had been “brewing for a while and it’s been getting to be too much,” even though Current TV staffers were really “trying to keep the guy happy.” Caster argued that some infractions are unforgivable no matter “how big your name,” and Olbermann had taken a large number of days off during key political times, such as the day before Super Tuesday. Castner asked if Olbermann was a “hothead,” to which Christopher replied with a metaphor. “I always sort of compared him to one of these temperamental rock stars who trash their hotel room, but they’re so good people put up with them.” While he did argue Olbermann was talented, “he isn’t what he used to be. He’s like Fat Elvis now.”

Christopher concluded by extending a guest column invitation to Olbermann right on these here pages.

The interview via Daily Wrap below:

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