Meghan McCain Blasts Ex-Navy SEAL for Taking a Shot at Her Dad for Crashing Planes


During a heated discussion on CNN this afternoon, former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie went out of his way to take a personal shot at John McCain over his saying the Yemen raid wasn’t a success.

Yesterday McCain said the raid, which resulted in the deaths of civilians and Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, was not a success, despite what the White House says. Sean Spicer took umbrage and said anyone who would dare to suggest the mission wasn’t a success is a disservice to Owens and they owe an apology. McCain scolded Spicer in response.

Higbie insisted on CNN today that the mission was a success and had this to say about McCain:

I think John McCain does owe an apology to the Owens family. I think it was dishonorable of him, too… He called it an unsuccessful mission because of a plane crash? This is a guy who crashed an enormous amount of planes during training. Look, these things happen, and it’s not an unsuccessful mission just simply because John McCain doesn’t like Trump.

This incensed Meghan McCain, and she really went off on Higbie for slamming her father like that:

You can watch Higbie’s remarks above, via CNN.

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