Michael Savage Hates Talking About Bill Clinton’s Women: ‘People Are So Stupid’ to Bring Them Up


Michael Savage doesn’t want to hear from women. He doesn’t want to hear about women. If you do, he thinks you’re stupid, and those are his words, not mine.

In a ten-minute conversation with Steve Malzberg, Savage, who recently wrote a book about his relationship with his dog, had no trace of irony in his voice when he said of the public’s focus on Hillary Clinton‘s personal life, “It’s such an old story. I’m so bored of the women… and the Bill Clinton… and the predator… and the wolf man…”

He went on to say, “I guess the people are so stupid that they’d rather hear about women and Bill Clinton.” Then, he declined to keep talking about Clinton, instead choosing to hype up the book about his dog.

“There is a word for this kind of individual in the dog world, but I can’t use it on your show. It begins with a B,” he hinted. “And I’m not interested in them!”

The voters are stupid for their interest in women’s issues and Hillary Clinton is a bitch. Got it!

Malzberg was cool with all of that and pursued the dog-related topics. Savage responded by drawing comparisons between dogs and politics, even though he had literally just said he didn’t want to discuss politics.

“I call him my little hippy, my bum,” he said of his dog, Teddy. “He lives in the house. He’s like a born Democrat. He doesn’t work. He has no known source of [inaudible]. He gets three meals a day for nothing. I’m like the government!”

And that was only the first three minutes. Watch above to see the entire thing, courtesy of NewsMaxTV.

[image via screengrab]

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