Steve Malzberg

Roger Stone: Congressmen Told Me Jeff Sessions is ‘Around the Bend,’ Might Be ‘Senile’

Michael Reagan: I’d Break Trump’s Thumbs Over His ‘Absolutely Stupid’ Wiretap Tweets

Ben Stein on Bill Clinton Talking Melania: No Spouse Has Been More Humiliated Than Hillary

Ben Stein Jumps on Clinton Health Bandwagon: She Looks Like My Mom Who Took Meds For Lupus

GOP Senator Goes on Epic Anti-Trump Rant When Asked Why He Hasn’t Endorsed Yet

Michelle Fields Cuts Newsmax Interview Short, Denies Quote Is From Her Book (It Is, Sorta)

Trump Operative Roger Stone Still Smearing ‘Saudi’ Clinton Aide

Michael Savage Hates Talking About Bill Clinton’s Women: ‘People Are So Stupid’ to Bring Them Up

Iowa Rep. Steve King Thinks Most Payments Sent to Mexico Are ‘Laundered Drug Money’

David Duke Blows Up at Newsmax Host: Trump ‘Jumped 10 Points in the Polls’ Thanks to Me!

Trump on Next Debate Moderated by Kelly: ‘I’ll Be There’

CNN Guests Pile on Bill O’Reilly for ‘Pathetic’ Treatment of Trump

Michael Savage Calls For Obama to Face ‘Nuremberg Trials’ For ‘Crimes Against America’

Ben Carson Bashes CNN: ‘They Don’t Want People to Take Me Seriously’

Donald Trump: Megyn Kelly Probably Took Vacation Because of Me

Lindsey Graham on Trump: America Won’t Elect ‘Birther’ President

Lanny Davis Hangs Up on Newsmax Host After Questions About Hillary Subpoena

Bill Kristol Really Doesn’t Care That Obama Used the ‘N-Word’

Rick Perry: We Need To Have ‘Good Conversation’ About Taking Down Confederate Flag

Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Clarifies Whether He Thinks Pamela Geller Should Die

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