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Mika Brzezinski Questions Trump’s Sanity After Podesta Tweet: ‘What’s Going on in His Head?’

If Donald Trump thought his tough talk on Mika Brzezinski’s bleeding face might get the team at Morning Joe to go easier on him — he was sadly mistaken.

Only minutes into the first hour of programming, Scarborough, Brzezinski and the rest of the team made hay over an admittedly bizarre tweet blasting John Podesta. The tweet, embedded in a larger flurry of Trump pronouncements, said that Podesta’s transgressions were all anybody could talk about at the G20.

It was something the set of Morning Joe — (and we here at Mediaite) think is pretty doubtful.

Casting doubt, however, was not enough for Mika Brzezinski, who steered the conversation to the well-trodden ground of whether Trump was mentally unstable.

“That does make you wonder what’s going on,” she said. “I’m going to leave it right there.”

But of course, she didn’t leave it right there and — to use the common parlance of our times — she persisted.

“There are a lot of questions people have about this president,” she continued. “What’s going on in his head? It’s so wildly out of place that you can’t help but go ‘what is wrong with him?'”

Scarborough didn’t seem to be paying much attention and was lost in some observation about MASH, so the floor was largely left open for Brzezinski.

“This is not personal,” she concluded. “This is a legit question.”

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