Minorities Baffled That Rand Paul Omitted Them from Social Media Campaign


Before his campaign began, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told us in an interview that he planned to reach out to constituencies traditionally unfriendly to the GOP, such as Silicon Valley and the African-American community. And when he launched his presidential campaign website today, he directed users to a page where his team provided pre-made profile pictures for his followers to declare their support on social media. They were even customized, too: “Iowan for Rand!” “Musician for Rand!” “African-American for Rand!” “Jew for Rand!” (Yes, that’s an image you can use):

But noticeably absent were photos for Latinos, Asians, women, LGBT, or Muslims to declare their support for Rand.

While it makes little sense for Paul to cater to tiny minorities — e.g. “Asexuals for Rand,” “Furries for Paul”, “Worshippers of Yog-Sothoth for Rand,” etc. — the the absence of these rather large groups, some of them increasingly crucial to anyone attempting to get elected to the presidency, raised a few eyebrows among those aware of Paul’s expansive vision for the GOP:

Personally, since I didn’t see Asians for Rand, and since Asians are — for all practical purposes — Jews, I’ve changed my profile pic declaring myself a Jew for Rand.

And in any case, that’s why there’s Photoshop.

[Images via RandPaul.com]

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