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Mitt Romney Namedrops Woman He Gave Cash To During Stump Speech

Has Ruth Williams become the Joe The Plumber of the 2012 campaign? According to ABC political reporter Emily Friedman, Mitt Romney namedropped the woman he handed a wad of cash to during his stump speech in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“I spoke with a woman the other day who with tears running down her face said, ‘Can you find me a job, I’m looking for a job,’” reportedly exclaimed Romney. “Nine point nine percent unemployment in South Carolina. It just breaks your heart to see what’s happening across the country.”

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Williams was thankful of Romney’s generosity, telling CNN’s Soledad O’Brien “He paid for my light bill,”adding her daughter works a 15-hour per week job at K-Mart, and that’s the only source of income the family currently has. Williams added Romney’s manager’s husband gave her money, as well, for food.

“It was a divine intervention by the Holy Spirit,” Williams gushed. “I listened to what God said. I’ve never known anything about [Romney], I’ve never done anything for him, I’ve never even spoken to him. You cannot buy a vote with 55 or 60 dollars…It kept me and my kids eating this weekend.”

Friedman reported that “Williams did not appear to be in attendance at the rally.”

(h/t ABC News)

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