Morning Joe Goes Off on Trump’s Puerto Rico Comments: ‘Tired of Seeing Him’

After President Donald Trump briefly spoke to reporters on the White House lawn Tuesday morning prior to leaving for Puerto Rico, the Morning Joe cast ripped the President for his handling of the crisis on the island.

In particular, this line from Trump drew host Joe Scarborough‘s ire:

“At a local level they have to give us more help,” Trump said.

“Completely ignorant of the situation down in Puerto Rico,” Scarborough said. “And what they are capable of doing…A statement that one has never heard from the President of the United States. Going into what is, essentially, a war zone.”

Scarborough threw it to his colleague Mike Barnicle — who proceeded to go IN on Trump.

“Watching the President of the United States just then, I was reminded again as I am reminded nearly daily now: He exhausts me,” Barnicle said. “I’m tired of seeing him. I’m tired of hearing him. I’m tired of wondering if knows what he’s saying or what he’s doing.”

“Yeah,” Mika Brzezinski added in a hushed tone.

It’s hard to fathom that the Morning Joe crew might actually be ratcheting up its criticism of Trump. But it seems as though that could be the case. But as Mediaite managing editor Colby Hall astutely pointed out in his write-up of an anti-Trump tirade from Scarborough earlier Tuesday — how could viewers possibly square any of this with Morning Joe‘s embrace of Trump during the early part of the 2016 campaign?

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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