Morning Joe Guest: Trump like ‘Napoleon,’ Family Like ‘The Borgias’


After news broke Friday morning that Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous meeting with a Russian lawyer ALSO included a former Soviet counterintelligence official turned Russian-American lobbyist, pundits on Morning Joe engaged in some real-time unscripted hyperventilation.

It’s in moments like these, without any preparation, that cable news moments are born.

Taking his turn in the spotlight was Morning Joe resident historian Jon Meacham. The Pulitzer Prize author and former Newsweek Editor-in-Chief is often the go-to authority for pithy historical analogies. On Friday’s show, he did not disappoint, in the same breath comparing Donald Trump to “Napoleon” and his family to “The Borgias”

“The Trump example, both in terms of the family and of the in-laws, is unique in American history,” said Meacham. “This is more like the Borgias, or the Bonapartes, remember Napoleon put various brothers and cousins on different thrones.”

In obvious anticipation of criticism, Meacham took care to differentiate between the Borgias — I mean Trumps — and the Kennedy’s, who as we all know, installed Bobby as Attorney General after his brother became president.

“Yes, Bobby Kennedy was Attorney General, and, yes, President Kennedy joked that he thought Bobby should get some legal experience by being Attorney General before he went out to practice, but Robert Kennedy was a formidable figure.”

For those unfamiliar, the Borgias were a notorious crime family who operated during the Italian renaissance. Members of the family served in various ecclesiastical and royal titles for more than 200 years. The over-the-top decadence and insanity of the Borgia Pope Alexander VI played a direct role sparking the reformation.

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