‘Ms. Clinton If You’re Nasty’: Response to Trump Calling Clinton a ‘Nasty Woman’ Was Swift and Furious


During the debate last night, Donald Trump leaned in close to his mic and said under his breath that Hillary Clinton is a “nasty woman.” After weeks — nay, months — of refuting the claim that he’s a misogynist and now insisting that the women accusing him of sexual assault are liars, the “nasty woman” comment probably wasn’t something campaign manager Kellyanne Conway would have advised.

It also wasn’t something that went over too well with female voters (or male voters, for that matter). Observe:

The Janet Jackson references were abundant and even boosted her song, “Nasty,” on Spotify, giving it 250% more streams than usual, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Many women changed their Twitter names to incorporate the word “nasty,” just as Trump’s fans owned the word “Deplorable” when Clinton said that half of them belonged in a basket of deplorables.

Don’t think all the reactions were negative, of course. The Daily Caller loved what Trump said and made a t-shirt to capitalize on it.

Another “Nasty Woman” shirt funds Planned Parenthood.


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