MSNBC’s Hayes Mocks NY Times Critic For Calling Him ‘Hollywood Diva’

Salon caught the New York Times’ television critic Alessandra Stanley zinging MSNBC personality Chris Hayes as a “Hollywood diva”—in comparison to Alec Baldwin!—and got a snappy rejoinder from the All In host.

Stanley modestly praised Baldwin’s inaugural show from Friday night, noting that the actor seemed demure and respectful—a departure, Stanley claimed, from the fiery performances of the network’s other hosts:

When an actor as passionate and colorful as Mr. Baldwin seems like a school librarian next to his cable colleagues, it says something about the excitable nature of most so-called news shows.

MSNBC hired a movie star, yet it’s the regular anchors like Martin Bashir and Chris Hayes who declaim like hyped-up Hollywood divas. Guests on these kinds of shows are not asked questions, they are held hostage to split-screen harangues. (Lawrence O’Donnell’s infamous “What is wrong with you?” screed at Anthony D. Weiner, the sext-obsessed former Democratic congressman, was a classic of the genre.)

Salon asked Hayes for a comment. He joked on Stanley’s notorious inaccuracies, including a 2009 article on Walter Cronkite that required eight corrections.

“As a matter of policy I always wait a few days before reading anything Alessandra Stanley writes so editors have time to issue the necessary 3-4 corrections,” Hayes said. “So I admit I’ve yet to read the piece.”

[h/t Salon, NYT]

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