MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Corners Trump With Mexican Border Wall Questions


Donald Trump has repeated time and time again that if he becomes president, he will build a wall between America and Mexico and Mexico will pay for it. The current Mexican president has rebuked this. The former Mexican president has rebuked this. Univision’s Jorge Ramos has illustrated why it’s a horrible idea. Trump, for his part, has not elaborated on his plans for the wall, simply saying that he will build it and Mexico will pay.

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall took it upon herself today to get some real answers. She gave it a valiant effort, but if you watch the clip below, you’ll see that we still don’t have much to work with.

She was able to get Trump to say that the proposed wall would cost $8 billion, but when she challenged him on if that included labor costs because “we don’t have [slave labor]” available in the United States, he just kept repeating the $8 billion quote.

He deflected by saying that there will be “big, beautiful doors” in the wall. When pressed by Hall to respond to the Mexican officials who have flatly refused to give a cent to the construction of the wall, Trump said insolently, “You tell ’em they’re gonna pay for it.”

“I heard he said ‘We will not pay for it.’ Guess what? The wall just got higher,” threatened Trump.

No word yet on how the wall will get higher or what effect that will have on the $8 billion bottom line that Mexico refuses to pay.

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