Samantha Bee Lampoons Every Single Presidential Candidate on Full Frontal Premiere


On last night’s super-anticipated premiere of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the only current female host in late-night television wasted no time jumping into the political fray. She said she was eager to get some jokes in about the 2016 election since she’d spent months “sitting here with no show, yelling at the wall, while the most deranged electoral shitshow in a generation passed [her] by.”

She went after the Republicans, laughing about their little pile-up as they tried to walk to the podiums during the most recent GOP debate, calling it the first domino in “a cascade of fail.” She poked fun at Chris Christie so easily taking down Marco Rubio and Donald Trump forgetting “to bring his nouns” to the debate.

Not interested in being branded as a one-trick pony, Bee also had some fun with the Democratic candidates. She played a montage of pundits talking about how the Democratic debate would be a “head-to-head” battle for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, then a montage of them saying they agreed with each other on various topics. “Everybody is agreeing so tersely, I just had a flashback to the month before my parents finally admitted they were getting a divorce.”

Over the course of the half-hour premiere, Bee even took aim at local elected officials in the debut of her segment called “Elected Paperweight of the Month.” Behold her takedown of Mitch Holmes, a state senator from Kansas who wrote a very in-depth dress code for women at the capitol. Men, he said, “already know how to look professional.”

“Well done, Senator Mitch Holmes,” Bee cooed. “Your broke-ass state has the highest food tax in the country and you had to close schools early last year due to a lack of funds but you’ve got your priorities straight.”

Then, she listed some of his career highlights in a brutal mic drop that she followed up by acknowledging his flimsy public apology.

Bee’s tenure as the longest-running and arguably most beloved Daily Show correspondent clearly prepared her for biting political commentary and it seems that she has fallen back into her groove of exposing sexism and double standards while still having enough excellent one-liners to appeal to a wide audience.

Only time will tell if the rest of the episodes are as self-assured and hard-hitting as the premiere, but Jon Stewart‘s legions of fans would tell you that he doesn’t make many mistakes and Bee has been being primed for this for a long, long time.

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