New York Subway System Cracks Down on ‘Manspreading’

Are you guilty of “manspreading?” Well, the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York is cracking down and telling men to stop spreading their legs so damn wide when taking the subway.

No, seriously. Men spreading out their legs so they take up more than one seat has actually become such a serious issue that the MTA is starting a campaign telling men to stop spreading out so much.

Here’s an image from the ad campaign:

Actress Kelly O’Donnell has been cataloguing numerous “manspreaders” on the subway for years, and she’s happy to see the MTA stepping in, because she just wants more men to show common courtesy when riding.

An MTA spokesperson acknowledged that this has become an annoyance for riders, and they’re putting up posters to encourage people to mind the gap.

Watch CBS News’ report here:

[image via MTA, featured image via screengrab]

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