National Weather Service Subtly Responds to Shutdown: ‘Please Pay Us’

As Tropical Storm Karen begins barreling down on the Gulf Coast, the National Weather Service, which is charged with warning the U.S. about disastrous storms, is feeling the heat of the government shutdown. The agency has reportedly kept nearly 4,000 “essential” workers on the job, but they won’t be getting paid until the shutdown ends.

The has led one NWS office to respond in a particularly cryptic way, inserting a secret message into a official letter that went out Friday morning. If you read the first letter of each line of the message from the Anchorage National Weather Service office, it spells out “Please pay us.”:

With any luck, Congress will receive the message loud and clear and the shutdown will be over in no time.

[h/t TheBlaze]
[photo via screengrab]

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