New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte Calls Trump a Good Role Model, Sets Internet Ablaze

Tonight, Kelly Ayotte made a comment that shocked political onlookers more than her distribution of condoms to college kids.

Ayotte is running for reelection against the state’s Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan. She was debating her tonight when she answered that she would absolutely call Donald Trump a role model for kids.

Here’s a longer version:

After saying he’d be a great role model for kids, she was asked why she still refuses to endorse him. Haltingly, she said she’s had some “disagreements” with him.

It was a real no-win situation.

The disbelief and zingers began on Twitter immediately.

Since Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, has an entire ad out that’s dedicated to what a bad role model he is for kids, plenty of people saw the opportunity to repost it.

And so it begins: We have another infamous quote to add to the 2016 Election Hall of Fame. This one will fit snugly between “The polls…all of them,” and “Please clap.”

UPDATE — 11:15 p.m. EST:

Kelly Ayotte released a statement saying she “misspoke.”

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