Newspaper Headline Mentions Trump’s ‘Physical Attractiveness,’ Predictable Reactions Ensue


Today, The Oregonian posted a controversial tweet.

It linked to a story that said this:

Jan-Erik Lonnqvist, a professor of social psychology at the University of Helsinki, published a study last month that concludes conservative voters in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere value good looks in political candidates more than liberal voters. The study falls into line with a plethora of earlier research that shows good-looking people tend to earn more money and achieve greater success than those of average looks.

You see the disparity between the results of the study and what that tweet promises, yes? The study isn’t about Donald Trump or his attractiveness. It’s just about attractive people and politics. The Oregonian even points out that the study’s methodology is “squishy” and cites decades-old articles about Trump that describe his appearance kindly. You’ll recall that back in the day, Trump was reportedly his own publicist and diligently worked to launch himself into the spotlight and force positive coverage of himself.

Anyway, it doesn’t look like too many people clicked the linked article. They appear to have gotten hung up on that headline.

Do you think that attractiveness makes a better president? Is one ideology reserved for people who are better looking than others? Is this all too much for a Monday morning? Sound off below.

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