Newt Gingrich Decides Today is a Good Day To Congratulate the Japanese for Pearl Harbor


newt-e1476375958827Today represented the 75th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Thousands gathered in Hawaii to pay tribute to the fallen while honoring the increasingly dwindling number of surviving veterans of not just the attack, but of World War II.

The ceremony today included a moment of silence to mark when the planes first hit the harbor. President Obama, who will visit the site later this month with the Japanese prime minister, released a statement giving thanks to those who “faced down fear itself.”

Regarding the deadly attack that pushed the United States into WWII, former Speaker of the House and Trump transition team vice-chairman Newt Gingrich provided the following take on Twitter:

A tweet like this is just made for snarky reactions, and that is exactly what we got today.

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