Nobody Can Believe Sarah Palin Is Mad at Colin Kaepernick For Donating to Meals on Wheels



Sarah Palin sparked outrage by criticizing an NFL player for donating $50k to Meals on Wheels, a program benefitting seniors and the disabled, which is facing possible funding cuts under Donald Trump‘s new budget.

The title of her blog post on the topic is, “SERIOUSLY? Colin Kaepernick Just Pulled ANOTHER Political Stunt…” Obviously, her use of “another” refers to Kaepenick’s decision not to stand for the national anthem in protest of police brutality. In a tweet linking to the post, she mused, “No wonder he can’t get a job…” in reference to reports that some NFL teams don’t want to hire him. The post itself outlines her oppositional argument, which is that it has yet to be confirmed that Meals on Wheels will lose funding.

Still, regardless of what headlines are saying about Meals on Wheels, Kaepernick donated his money to a program that feeds some of the neediest Americans. That’s why the post and tweet insisting that there is something nefarious about donating to a program that feeds the disabled and elderly are generating a lot of shock.

She concluded her post with, “Kaepernick is pretty bold to make another political move like this one.”

There are a variety of ways to be pretty bold, it seems.

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