Trump Finally Tweets About Comey Firing: ‘#DrainTheSwamp’

Everyone has had something to say about Donald Trump firing James Comey today. Political commentators galore have spoken out, as have elected officials and regular old people with Twitter accounts.

Trump, though, remained quiet until a moment ago.

The president used Twitter to hit back at Senator Chuck Schumer for his criticism of the firing.

In the past, Trump has made fun of Schumer for getting emotional. He resurrected those digs tonight when he called him “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer.” He also said that Schumer indicated he had “no confidence” in Comey last fall.

That is true, of course, but Schumer could simultaneously have no confidence in Comey and believe it was wrong to fire him today.

Regardless, Trump ended his tweet with “#draintheswamp.”

[image: screengrab]

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