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Now a GOP Leader Wants to Actually Expel Syrian Refugees From His State

Tennessee_state_capitolTennessee House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada suggested Tuesday that the Tennessee National Guard should round up Syrian refugees and send them to U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, taking his proposal one step further than a number of lawmakers who declared new refugees are no longer welcome in their states.

Casada told The Tennessean‎ the state should deploy its National Guard to stop refugees “from coming into the state by whatever means we can,” adding he is “not worried about what a bureaucrat in D.C. or an unelected judge thinks.”

Casada said Tennessee should “gather them up and politely take them back to the ICE center and say, ‘They’re not coming to Tennessee, they’re yours.'”

Pressed further on how the state would be legally authorized to kick out refugees already living legally within its borders, Casada said, “Tennessee is a sovereign state. If the federal government is forsaking the obligation to protect our citizens, we need to act.”

Tennessee House Majority Whip Jeremy Durham agreed his state would “take a long look at the entire refugee program and use any means necessary to stop refugees from entering Tennessee if they come from countries with ties to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and similar terrorist group.”

Noting that the “U.S. Supreme Court says the federal government cannot force states to expand their Medicaid rolls,” Durham wondered, “how the federal government believes it can legitimately force Tennessee to accept refugees from countries with known terrorists.”

[h/t Talking Points Memo]

[Image of Tennessee Capitol via Wikimedia Commons]

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