NPR Analyst Expresses Relief That Gunman Behind Arizona Tragedy Was Not Hispanic

On NPR’s All Things Considered Wednesday, commentator Daisy Hernandez (who’s no relation to POTUS-designated American hero Daniel Hernandez) discussed her immediate fears upon hearing of the shootings in Tucson: she was keenly interested in knowing the shooting suspect’s surname.

For Hernandez, hearing the name Loughner, not “Ramirez, Gonzalez or Garcia” prompted a wave of “Brown relief”–a feeling that the Latino community had been spared a certain media firestorm that would have forced the immigration debate onto the nation’s front burner:

It’s safe to say there was a collective sigh of brown relief when the Tucson killer turned out to be a gringo. Had the shooter been Latino, media pundits wouldn’t be discussing the impact of nasty politics on a young man this week — they’d be demanding an even more stringent anti-immigrant policy. The new members of the House would be stepping over each other to propose new legislation for more guns on the border, more mothers to be deported, and more employers to be penalized for hiring brown people. Obama would be attending funerals and telling the nation tonight that he was going to increase security just about everywhere.

Hernandez, who notes that the shooting’s hero Daniel Hernandez–had a judge not blocked provision’s of Arizona’s hotly debated immigration law–his name would have “qualified him as a target for police under different circumstances on Saturday.”

Listen to it here, from NPR:

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