NYT Reporter on Trump’s Worst Week: ‘Are We Looking at Another Access Hollywood?’


It’s been a bad week for Donald Trump.

In between equivocating Nazi violence, tweeting about specious historical claims, and growing unrest in his own party, it was a feast on Morning Joe.

For New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor, it was enough to publicly speculate about whether Trump has reached an Access Hollywood moment among his elected backers where they could start abandoning him en masse.

Alcindor opined on the prospect after some extended silliness from Joe and Co. who spent some time visiting that weird Washington Post story about Steve Bannon and a bathtub full of acid.

“My final thoughts are that, are we looking at another Access Hollywood type of situation where you have Senators like Tim Scott saying that the president is morally compromised , you have Senator Corker saying that he’s not stable, but then you have Speaker Paul Ryan sending out emails yesterday talking about tax reform and the need to create better jobs,” she said. “Is the Republican party going to pivot and say ‘ok that was last week but now we have to go on to the issue of governing and we’re just going to all give the president a pass?'”

The answer to that question — according to Alcindor — is no.

“I think, from my reporting, that, that’s what’s going to happen. I think it’s going to be remarkable in American history when the Republican party says we’re going to work with this guy and we’re going to go ahead and continue on with these policies.”

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