Occupy Wall Street Continues To Camp In New York Following Heavy East Coast Snowfall

Despite the powerful snowstorm that blew through New York yesterday, Occupy Wall Street protestors are still going strong, with participants laying out tarps and gathering in tents. On Friday, firefighters and police shut down the generators in Zuccotti Park for public safety concerns.

The National Weather Service has noted this is only the fourth time in over 100 years that New York has seen snow in October. But the determination of the OWS protestors does not appear to be diminished by the cold weather.

On their official website, OWS asks for donations from people to either drop off in person or deliver to a storage space reserved by the protestors. A portion of the list below:

  • winter coats
  • hot beverages
  • thermal heaters
  • all weather sub-thermal sleeping bags
  • tarps
  • all-weather tents

One protestor told Reuters that one-fifth of the protestors probably left when the snow began to fall, but “[t]hey’ll be back, we’re not going anywhere.” There have been reports of hypothermia, and yesterday various bloggers were speculating over whether the coming winter season would dilute the masses of the Occupy Wall Street protests or if it would be irrelevant. It is clear at this point that the protestors have no indication to stop their efforts, and they are trying to survive on the reliance of others giving what they can to the movement.

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