Old Trump Jr. Tweets: Disparaging New Moms Edition


screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-21-11-pm-650x420Maybe we’ve accidentally stumbled onto a new Mediaite series here!

Yesterday, we delivered to you the one-two punch of Donald Trump Jr.‘s old back-to-back tweets joking about bestiality and the sexual abuse of children. Today, let’s review an old Trump Jr. tweet about his sister’s preferred campaign talking point: new motherhood.

Ivanka Trump has been brandishing her father’s new paid maternity leave platform all over the media for a few days now. By all accounts, she’s been loudly and proudly praising new mothers and declaring that the time to give them paid leave is upon us.

Here’s what Trump Jr. has to say about new moms:

The tweet has gotten increasing attention since yesterday, when people began responding to it again.

Ivanka Trump cut short an interview two nights ago after being reminded that her father, who is the Republican nominee for the presidency, once called working women being pregnant an inconvenience. No one has yet asked about her brother’s tweet.

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