Tim Kaine: Some Trump Voters ‘Are Motivated by Dark Emotions’


Tim KaineAfter that whole “deplorables” kerfuffle last week, Hillary Clinton‘s running mate Tim Kaine is using slightly different language to make the same point.

Kaine sat down for an interview with NPR and was asked about that line. Kaine did make it clear that “some of Donald Trump’s supporters are also people who have deep economic anxieties, maybe because of the place that they live or the industry they were trained up in.”

But he still believes there’s a lot of darkness among his supporters:

She meant look, if you look at, and remember she was talking to a group that was fairly friendly. And she was telling that group you need to know something about Donald Trump’s voters. There are some who are motivated by dark emotions, that are not in accord with American values. I mean when you have David Duke doing robo-calls telling people to vote for Donald Trump, which he did just a couple of weeks ago, that is highly troubling. And she was basically saying some of Donald Trump’s voters are motivated by these dark emotions that really are out of step with American values.

When informed that people found Clinton’s comment offensive, Kaine responded, “If you are confronted with a David Duke being active in the campaign and encouraging people to vote for Trump, or a Donald Trump re-tweeting messages or material from people connected with white supremacist organizations, are you supposed to just be silent about it?”

The Trump campaign has gone on a tear over that “deplorables” remark, including trotting out supporters on stage to proudly declare they’re not “deplorables.”

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