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One Shining Moment 2010: Jennifer Hudson Gets Panned In Cloying Debut

Well, the votes are all in and the sports world has deemed Jennifer Hudson‘s debut a total bomb. No, we are not talking about some sort of American Idol Legends show, we are talking about the most cloying and cheesy institution in all of sports: One Shining Moment. For the uninitiated, One Shining Moment is a song and video montage that concludes March Madness, featuring tournament highlights (and lowlights).

This year was Hudson’s first year, and in a weird choice by editors and producers, she was prominently featured throughout the song, forgoing some great basketball footage from the past three weeks. Well, judging by the response on Twitter, no one likes the new version.

Or as Jason McIntyre writes at The Big Lead:

1. Too much Jennifer Hudson. She’s nice to look at, but everytime she appeared on screen, she chewed up room that could have been used for highlights. In our opinion, this amounted to 6-7 potentially great tournament moments getting left out. For instance …

2. Where was Jordan Crawford’s 40-foot shot to force double-overtime in Xavier-Kansas State? He also hit a couple incredible scoop shots. Where were those?

3. The Ohio Bobcats pulled a massive upset of Georgetown in the first round. Did any of those highlights get in?

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