Only Republican Who Didn’t Qualify for Debate Will Live-Tweet It Instead

gilmoreWell, this is just sad.

The only Republican running for president who did not make either debate stage tonight will instead be live-tweeting both debates tonight.

Yes, Jim Gilmore––the former Virginia governor running for president, in case you didn’t know, which you probably didn’t––did not meet the threshold for the undercard debate at 6 pm.

According to The New York Times, he had assumed that after Rick Perry dropped out, there would be room for him in that earlier debate, but he’s still polling too low for the threshold CNN put in place. He’s unhappy with this, making the argument that rivals like George Pataki and Lindsey Graham are not really doing as well as him, relatively speaking.

But instead, tonight he will be live-tweeting the debate and responding on Facebook. So while all the other candidates will be on stage debating, Gilmore will be posting his responses and differences with the others online while at his campaign headquarters in Virginia.


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