Pam Geller Can’t Stand That an American Olympic Athlete Wants to Wear Her Hijab

Pam Geller Furious an American Olympic Athlete Wants to Wear Her Hijab

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.44.51 PMAnti-Islamic activist Pamela Geller spoke to Breitbart Daily News today, burning President Obama for Wednesday’s speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore. Geller spent plenty of time going after her usual targets, but the discussion took a bit of a left turn when she also started ranting about an American Olympic athlete who will be wearing her hijab at the Rio competition.

After Geller decried Obama’s “Islam is peace” message as untrue and pointing out the mosque’s troubled past, host Stephen K. Bannon brought up Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim women’s fencing champion who qualified for the U.S. team on Saturday.

Muhammad will be the first athlete to wear the Islamic headscarf during the games, and while it is unlikely to effect the performance of her companions (especially considering how fencers wear protective masks), Geller raved about how it will require special team outfits and how it was the latest act of “imposing Islam on the secular marketplace.”

“Whether it’s in the workplace, whether it’s in the school, it’s Islamic supremacism is what it is,” Geller bemoaned. “Sharia, Islamic law, asserts its authority over non-Muslims. This is the problem and this is something that is never discussed.”

Listen above, via Breitbart.

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