Pam Geller on Loretta Lynch Scrutinizing Anti-Muslim Speech: ‘Come and Get Me, Biatch!’

Geller to Loretta Lynch: 'Come and Get Me, Biatch!'

pamela gellerRemember Pamela Geller? The ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoon contest organizer who was going after Muslims before Donald Trump made it cool? Well, if you did, she recently gave a radio interview where she had some choice words for Attorney General Loretta Lynch‘s promise to take action against anti-Muslim rhetoric.

With the new wave of Islamophobia that has swept the country in the wake of recent political rhetoric and the San Bernardino shootings, Lynch stated last week that she would work to counteract those encouraging speech that could be considered dangerously anti-Islamic. Lynch ended up walking these comments back on Monday when she clarified that her concern was with violent acts, and that her words were meant for the speech that encourages it.

Geller, who leads the American Freedom Defense Initiative, spoke about these matters with radio host Joyce Kaufman, who praised Trump’s “visceral” response to Muslims over President Obama‘s speech, and likened it positively to Japanese American internment during World War II. Geller agreed, and bemoaned how the “Jon Stewart-ization of the world” have turned colleges into leftist, anti-American hotbeds:

After that, the discussion turned to Lynch, to which Geller supposed that she could be arrested if someone committed a hate-crime against Muslims and investigators found that the hypothetical suspect read her writings. To this, Geller challenged Lynch in five words: “Come and get me, biatch!”

Listen to the interview with the audio above, via Right Wing Watch.

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