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A Mostly Calm Discussion From Polar Opposites About The “Ground Zero Mosque”

Pamela Gellar, of Stop Islamization of America, and New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz disagree about almost all “Ground Zero Mosque” issues.

But on Friday the two got the time to each give their takes, as divided as they were, in a mostly calm discussion on FBN’s Money Rocks.

It was a far cry from the “worst ground zero mosque debate ever” that got some attention recently for Eric Bolling‘s 8pmET Fox Business Network program. While this one involved just about as many interviewees, the tone was decidedly different.

It still included some, well, strong statements. Gellar said of Imam Rauf: “Clearly he’s threatening us with Jihad.” (Earlier in the show, Rep. Peter King said “It’s almost like he’s blackmailing or threatening the United States.”)

Meanwhile, Shabazz said, “This whole attitude of intolerance and bigotry towards Muslims in America is very ignorant and it’s immature.” Ok – and then he began to question whether Muslims were behind 9/11.

There was some minor points of agreement in there as well – Gellar said “we love Muslims!” and later Shabazz said, “I can understand some being upset, don’t get me wrong, but be just as outraged that the United States is best friends with Saudi Arabia.”

Meanwhile Hendrik Hertzberg wants to move the “Ground Zero Mosque”…to ground zero.

Here’s the full a-block:

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