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Paris Jackson Believes Her Father Was Murdered

Paris Jackson appears on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone, and in her interview she talks about her father Michael Jackson‘s life, his death, what she learned from him, her struggles with addiction, and more.

One of the most memorable moments of the interview came at the end, when Jackson revealed that she believes her father was murdered. There are thing she blames Dr. Conrad Murray for- specifically, the late Jackson’s addiction to propofol. But, she says, she does believe he was murdered. She told Rolling Stone, “He would drop hints about people being out to get him… And at some point he was like, ‘They’re gonna kill me one day.'”

Regarding the possibility that her father was murdered, Jackson says “It’s obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like bullsh*t, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was bullsh*t.”

When asked whether she wants revenge, she said “I definitely do, but it’s a chess game. And I am trying to play the chess game the right way. And that’s all I can say about that right now.”

For the entire interview, head over to Rolling Stone.

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