Michael Jackson

Sony Music Denies it Released Three Fake Michael Jackson Songs (UPDATE)

FLASHBACK: Bill Maher Has His Own History of Defending Sex Between Adults and Minors

Paris Jackson Believes Her Father Was Murdered

Lifetime is Making a Michael Jackson Biopic

The TV Episode With Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson Isn’t Going to Air

People Are NOT Happy About the First Footage of Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson

Stacey Dash on Casting White Man to Play Michael Jackson: ‘Bravo!’

Joseph Fiennes Defends His Casting as Michael Jackson: ‘He Was Probably Closer to My Color’

Former Michael Jackson Attorney Goes Off on Cosby Charges: ‘I Just Can’t Believe It Happened’

Heroic Michael Jackson Impersonator Attempts to Stop Riots by Throwing Dance Party in Street

Concha: Juggernaut TMZ Proves Its Legitimacy Once Again in Scooping Sterling Saga

Justin Bieber Is Now Comparing Himself to Michael Jackson

16-Year-Old Prince Michael Jackson Is Entertainment Tonight‘s Newest Correspondent

Prosecutors Officially File Charges Against Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Over Campaign Finance Violations

Jermaine Jackson Claims Obama’s 2008 Victory Happened Because of Brother Michael

Erin Burnett Sings In Awkward Effort To Challenge Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel Character Dupes News Outlets With Absurd Propofol Celebration At Conrad Murray Trial

Dan and Nancy Show Continues: Abrams Mocks Grace For Saying It’s A Crime To Inject Dead Body

Sh*t Happens: HLN Reporter Reveals Expletive During Odd Interview With German Michael Jackson Fans

Nancy Grace Dances Her Way To The Next Round of DWTS, Thanks Fans On YouTube

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