PBS’ Gwen Ifill Under Fire For ‘Take That, Bibi’ Tweet on Iran Deal


PBS anchor Gwen Ifill got some Twitterers riled up with the following tweet, which linked to the White House’s Iran deal Twitter account trolling Benjamin Netanyahu‘s infamous bomb graphic:

And the linked tweet in question:

She ended up getting some blowback for it and clarified:

The Washington Free Beacon reached out to Ifill, who further explained, “No it was not a shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu, even though it has become apparent that, in certain circles, it was taken as one. I was calling attention to what seemed to me to be criticism directed toward him coming from State.”

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Chris Christie for his thoughts this afternoon, and Christie very bluntly said, “Gwen Ifill should be ashamed of herself.”

You can listen to the audio below, via The Hugh Hewitt Show:

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