comScore People Start Petition to Remove Megyn Kelly from Debates

People Start Petition to Remove Megyn Kelly from Debates

People were so upset about how Megyn Kelly treated Donald Trump last night, they started a petition to kick her out of all future debates.

No, seriously. Apparently lots of people were offended that the man who bragged he would be tough to China, Mexico, and Russia got a few tough questions about his past comments and positions by a Fox News anchor (Trump even retweeted a lot of them today).

The petitioners do NOT like how “fun” and unserious Kelly was, and accuse her of attacking Trump from the get-go.

Here’s the full text of the petition:

Dears News Corps.,

Megyn Kelly apparently finds the state of our union amusing and “fun”, whereas the viewers (our fellow citizens) deserve a much more serious moderator.

In addition, she had a clear agenda to attack Donald Trump, by tenaciously clinging to his past rather than his vision for the future. She focused on Trump personally, rather than politically. Ultimately, she did not not live up to the “fair and balanced” slogan at Fox News and News Corporation.

While her disdain for Mr. Trump was evident, this peititon is a call for truly fair and balanced coverage of ALL candidates. Thus, Megyn Kelly should be barred from hosting or moderating all future Republican Presidential Debates.

Please support this position by signing it as well as adding your reasons to bar Megyn Kelly from hosting or moderating any future Republican Debates (she is better of hosting a ​D​emocratic ​D​ebate at this unprofessional level).

Over 3000 people, presumably with nothing better to do, have already signed it.

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