Peruvians Angry at Anderson Cooper for Giggling Uncontrollably at Miss Peru’s Costume

Anderson Cooper‘s Ridiculist is a great way for the CNN anchor to let loose a bit and get snarky, and one of his favorite targets, apparently, is beauty pageants, and last week, he giggled uncontrollably at the costumes being worn by the Miss Universe contestants. And many Peruvians are angry at Cooper for giggling over Miss Peru’s incredibly bizarre choice of attire.

Cooper showed a picture of Miss Peru and asked, “What says Peru more than colorful flowers and what appears to be a plastic little old man baby on her shoulder wearing a hat?”

But the Peruvian media didn’t take kindly to Cooper’s mockery or uncontrollable giggling, and has given this little segment more coverage than it probably needed.

A number of Peruvian media outlets (RPP, America TV,, Trome, and others) have reported on the incident with an air of indignance. While some commenters on those sites seem outraged by Cooper’s “ignorant” comments, others wonder what all the fuss is about.

Peru was not the only country whose Miss Universe contestant reduced Cooper to hysterics, but regardless, the reactions have “ranged from outrage to indignation to calls for an apology.”

Watch the original Ridiculist segment below, via CNN:

[photo via screengrab]

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