Piers Morgan Laments ‘Sad,’ ‘Hateful’ Treatment Of Margaret Thatcher After Her Death

In the wake of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher‘s death, there has been a great deal of eulogizing, but also a dose of anti-“Iron Lady” rhetoric. Fellow Brit Piers Morgan took to Twitter this afternoon to voice his concern over the “hateful” treatment his former prime minister is receiving in death.

After reminding his followers that he disagreed with the late Thatcher on plenty of issues, the CNN host added that he admired her “courage” and “leadership” during the Cold War:

He then scolded those who have taken to writing particularly negative things about the 87-year-old British leader who passed away Sunday evening from a stroke.

“Americans would never treat the death of a President with the outrageous hateful abuse Margaret Thatcher’s getting today. Sad to see,” he lamented on Twitter:

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