Pompeo to Chris Wallace: I Won’t ‘Dignify’ Question About ‘Very Stable Genius’ Tweet With Response


With the discussion about President Donald Trump’s mental fitness dominating politics and the media in the wake of Michael Wolff’s explosive new Trump tell-all, Trump took to Twitter this weekend to dispute the notion that he’s not fit for office. In a series of tweets, he labeled himself a “very stable genius” and that one of his greatest assets was “being, like, really smart.”

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this morning, CIA Director Mike Pompeo was asked by host Chris Wallace to respond to Trump’s self-description. Let’s just say that Pompeo wasn’t too thrilled with the question.

After Wallace played a clip of Trump during the transition saying that he was “like a smart person” when explaining why he didn’t need daily intelligence briefings, Wallace then attempted to engage Pompeo on the president’s tweets.

“I say this very respectfully and I understand your impatience with our dealing with the subject,” Wallace stated. “The CIA does psychological profiles of world leaders routinely. What would you say about a world leader who refers to himself as a very stable genius?”

“Chris, I’m not going to dignify that question with a response,” the CIA chief sternly said.

Pompeo added that Trump is the leader of the country and deals with “the most complex issues” and has handled them in a way that he has “great admiration and respect for.”

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