Professor Says Dr. Seuss Would Be ‘Offended’ by Ted Cruz Reading Green Eggs and Ham

During his 21-hour-long filibuster on the Senate floor against Obamacare, Senator Ted Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham so he could still read his daughters a bedtime story. It was a sweet but bizarre moment, but POLITICO found an Occidental College professor who thought Dr. Seuss would be absolutely “offended” at what Cruz did.

Politics professor Dr. Peter Dreier believed that the progressive Seuss, whose children’s books contained political allegories, would not have been unhappy with Cruz using the book in a speech arguing against Obamacare.

“Not only would he be offended at the misuse of ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ but he’d be offended at almost everything that Ted Cruz stands for, which is to remove the safety net from poor people, poor and vulnerable people, he’s clearly more power hungry than he is compassionate and he’s a bully…

“Without a doubt, if Dr. Seuss were still around today, he would be poking fun at and criticizing Ted Cruz,” Dreier said.

He would not like it in the Senate, he would not like it on a pennant. He would not like it on the floor, he would not like it on the Jersey Shore. He would not like it in the House, he would not like it with a mouse.

He would not like Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham, he would not like it, POLITICO I Am.

[photo via Brian Gurrola]

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