Protesters Mock Kellyanne Conway With Vigil for the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ Victims


A group of New Yorkers took their Kellyanne Conway mockery to another level today by holding a fake vigil for the Bowling Green Massacre that never was.

A small group of protesters assembled in Lower Manhattan on Friday night as they carried signs like “We are all Bowling Green” and “Never remember always forget.” The demonstrators lit candles and chanted their demands for “alternative facts” as they mourned for the non-victims that were never commemorated.

“We actually don’t know what the hell we’re doing, but neither does [Donald] Trump or anyone else, so,” said participant Chris Bauer. “In this alt-fact world this is something that needs to be commemorated.”

The demonstration is clearly a joke referring to an interview Conway gave where she offered a perplexing defense of Trump’s immigration-restricting executive orders. Conway claimed that people were forgetting that the Obama Administration banned Iraqis from the U.S. after two refugees entered the country, became radicalized, and went on a killing spree.

The problem here is that while two Iraqis were arrested on terrorism charges, no such massacre ever took place. Conway eventually walked back her false claim, but not before it was picked up by the media and made into a significant source of ridicule.

Below you can see photos from the scene:

Watch the protest in the video above, via the New York Daily News.

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