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Rachel Maddow Talks to Dick Armey’s Cold Shoulder on MTP

Meet the Press convened its own panel today to discuss this week’s angry town halls and the death panel, Nazi, Tree of Liberty assertions that have accompanied them. Today’s panel consisted of three middle-aged white men and Rachel Maddow (with a drop-in from Charles Rangel).

Some highlights: Tom Daschle, apparently unperturbed, assures the abrasive tone some of the town halls have taken is merely the “sound of Democracy.” Senator Tom Coburn (R- OK) says the tone is not about Health Care at all, but fear of loss of control over the government. Rachel Maddow thinks that the Dems are giving up their elected majority to GOP’s like Senator Grassley who are touring the country handing out copies of Glenn Beck‘s book. And Dick Armey, under fire this week for his alleged involvement with helping organize the protesters, mostly appears tolerantly amused that Maddow has been allowed on the panel at all. Until she starts grilling him, at which point he turns a cold shoulder, literally. (Begins about the 3:20 marker).

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