Rep. Alan Grayson: ‘Fact-Free’ Trump Would be ‘Deeply, Deeply Incompetent’ President

Talking to The Young Turks’ Jordan Chariton, Florida Congressman Alan Grayson made his case for Bernie Sanders and explained why he thought Donald Trump would be a “deeply, deeply incompetent” president.

Grayson argued that the Vermont senator who achieved a surprising victory in Michigan this week had a path to the nomination that was far more likely that the media seemed to believe.

Grayson is a Democrat superdelegate, who made the unusual move to cast his vote based upon the results of an online poll. Sanders was the overwhelming victor of the poll, taking 84% of the vote, citing a “deep, grinding inequality in this country.”

Asked if Trump even believed what he said, Grayson responded: “I think about a quarter of what he’s saying is how great he is, and he certainly believes that. The other 75%, uh, no.”

He added that Trump would be “one of the most incompetent presidents we’ve ever had in the history of the United States.” He elaborated:

I mean like deeply, deeply incompetent. Like Andrew Johnson-type incompetent. He has no idea of how the political system works. He lives in a fact-free zone. […] I think he’ll get a big kick out of being commander-in-chief. I know he’s going to enjoy the rides on Air Force One. He’ll love that bomber jacket they give you with the presidential seal on it. But it’s going to be all about Donald, non-stop, and the rest of the country can go to hell.

If a billionaire became elected to the nation’s highest office, he added, the country truly would be an “oligarchy, a plutocracy. Game over.”

Check out the video courtesy of The Young Turks.

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