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Rob Porter Reportedly Told FBI His Ex Wife Got Black Eye After She Was ‘Somehow Hit With’ a Vase

Things are not looking good for Rob Porter.

The former White House Staff Secretary apparently has had an explanation for how his ex-wife Colbie Holderness got her black eye as seen in a photo that was made public Wednesday.

Holderness, Porter’s first spouse, alleges he punched her, leaving the black eye in 2005 while on vacation in Florence. According to a report from The Washington Post, Porter didn’t recall himself giving the black eye… but a vase.

An anonymous source said that Porter was asked by the FBI how Holderness received her injury. While it is unknown what he told investigators, he had previously told others in private that he and Holderness were “arguing over a vase” and that she was “somehow hit with the vase.”

In Porter’s statement rejecting the allegations of abuse made by his two ex-wives, he defended himself by claiming that he had taken the photo of Holderness’ black eye — though he did not explain how she got the bruising.

Both Holderness and Porter’s second ex-wife Jennie Willoughby had reported the alleged abuse back in January 2017 and the FBI confronted the White House about its ongoing investigation last fall. However, the Washington Post reports that White House Counsel Donald McGahn knew about the allegations for over a year.

Willoughby appeared on CNN last night offering a grave warning for Porter’s rumored girlfriend WH Communications Director Hope Hicks that if “he hasn’t already been abusive” to her that “he will be.”

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