Roger Stone Blasts Report About His Ties to WikiLeaks: An Attempt to ‘Re-Inflate a False Narrative’


Trump ally Roger Stone appeared on The Ingraham Angle Wednesday night to rebuke a report that he had correspondence with WikiLeaks during the 2016 election.

Laura Ingraham mentioned the report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether President Trump had any knowledge of the leaked DNC emails prior to their release and told Stone that his name keeps “popping up.”

“This is an attempt by the handmaidens of the Democratic Party and the mainstream mean to re-inflate the deflated Russian collusion delusion,” Stone said.

He took a shot at The Atlantic for publishing the “truncated” and “doctored” screenshots of his Twitter direct messages between himself and WikiLeaks, but believes that they prove that he had “no advance knowledge” of the email dumps.

“All of this material that was released today had been turned over to the House Intelligence Committee months ago,” Stone told Ingraham. “But this is an attempt to essentially re-inflate a false narrative.”

Stone then defended the president over accusations that he’s Russian “pro-Putin,” citing the arming of Ukrainians.

“He has no illusions about Russia or the corruption of the Russian system or that Putin’s a bad guy,” Stone continued, “but they have thermo-nuclear weapons, Laura. Perhaps we should be talking to them.”

He did give credit to the mainstream media for being right that there was one candidate “whose top aides were in bed with the oligarchs around Vladimir Putin” and “whose foundation was taking millions of dollars from Russian interests.” Obviously, he was referring to Hillary Clinton.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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