WATCH: Roy Moore Rides His Horse ‘Sassy’ to Cast His Vote


If there’s one thing you can count on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore for, it’s showing off what a ‘badass’ cowboy he is. Well, that and allegedly creeping out every young girl at the Gadsden Mall circa 1980, but that’s neither here nor there.

He sports that outsized cowboy hat. He carries a tiny, lil cartoon gun and, of course, he travels to and fro on his horse Sassy. You read that right. His horse is named Sassy.

Moore had previously traveled on Sassy to vote for himself in the primary election against Luther Strange.

Just look at him. So graceful, like The Cisco Kid or The Virginian, or some other western of yore that subtly nods to his alleged sexual predilections.

Since he rode Sassy last year, and he won, folks have been wondering if Sassy would be making an appearance at this year’s ballot box.

Welp, wonder no longer. Sassy and Moore have officially been seen galloping along the trails of Alabama, appearing at the voting station, where Moore assumedly voted for himself and Sassy, well, who knows. Horses are mercurial beasts.

Moore did recently tell reporters that he is not a “polite rider,” and would not hesitate to “run over” anybody, or any horse, that got in his way. That could really piss off those equine constituents, including Sassy, bless her neighing heart.

This election is anybody’s ballgame, folks. Stick to Mediaite for up to the minute news and, for the love of God, somebody give Sassy an apple. She’s earned it.

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