Rudy Giuliani Breaks Promise To Officiate Gay Friends’ New York Wedding

During the time when his marriage was on the outs, then-mayor Rudy Giuliani relied on the generosity of one Howard Koeppel, a car salesman who, along with his boyfriend Mark Hsiao, allowed the politician to stay at their midtown home for six months. At the time, Koeppel asked Giuliani whether he would officiate a wedding between him and his partner should same-sex marriage even become legal in New York state. And, now that it has, one would assume that Giuliani would make good on the promise he made to his friend. And, yet here we are, putting together this post.

Koeppel and Hsiao formerly wed in Connecticut, although Giuliani did not show up. Now that they want to tie the knot in their home state, the former mayor isn’t answering their calls. And Koeppel is not too happy about it:

He wouldn’t be married three times if he was holier than thou.


Giuliani previously stated his take on same-sex marriage during a 2007 GOP primary debate in Orlando, Florida:

I do not believe under the state that presently exists, with the Defense of Marriage Act and basically one state that has by judicial fiat created same-sex marriage–I don’t think we need a constitutional amendment at this point. If a lot of states start to do that–5 or 6 states–then we should have a constitutional amendment.

h/t New York Post

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