Rush Limbaugh: CNN’s Debate Goal Is To ‘Make Every One Of These People Look Like An Absolute Wacko Fruitcake’


Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh was asked by a caller to handicap tonight’s election. Limbaugh responded that he long ago gave up on trying to predict these things, noting that it’s impossible to foresee every surprise question or bad answer. However, he was sure that there would be one definite; that CNN would try their best to make the GOP candidates look bad.

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Of course, CNN shouldn’t feel too bad. I mean, Limbaugh hasn’t been a huge fan of anyone hosting these debates, be they NBC or Fox News. Still, his comments were a little harsh.

“Well, it’s a CNN debate and they’re worried at CNN. They got a poll that shows Republican energy and enthusiasm to vote is twice as high as Democrat energy. So they’re objective at CNN is going to be to make every one of these people look like an absolute wacko fruitcake.”

Oh my God, wouldn’t that be awesome if it were true? Like if CNN just threw up their collective hands and started piping in Benny Hill music when the candidates entered, putting whoopee cushions on their chairs, banana peels under their feet, and played wacky sound effects when they fell?

Look, I know these people are serious patriots having serious campaigns and blah blah blah, but, really, there have already been like 50 of these things. We need something to shake this one up.

Listen to Limbaugh’s comments below:


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