Rush Limbaugh Tears Into Union-Defending Caller: “Liberalism Needs To Be Eradicated”

In Wisconsin, Democratic state senators are boycotting a vote on a plan to eliminate union rights of public employees, instead hoping to force state Republicans to negotiate a compromise. In response to this conflict, Rush Limbaugh passionately explained to a union-defending caller why liberalism is horrible and if it has seeped into unions, then unions are bad too.

Following up on yesterday’s exciting tirade defending himself against a caller’s allegation that he is racist, today Rush unleashed on another caller:

“I oppose liberalism wherever it is. I oppose liberalism because liberalism is what has destroyed prosperity in this country. The rise of liberalism, the rise of public school education or indoctrination taught by liberal, marxist teachers as responsible for your precious lack of morality – plummeting morality, plummeting education scores, plummeting knowledge – your precious liberalism is responsible for it. And wherever it is, I want it defeated.”

The caller claimed to have attended Tea Party rallies and was curious why if the Tea Party was fighting to take back our country, then why shouldn’t they also be in favor of restoring unions to a position of greater power and influence like they had in the past? Rush clarified for the caller that what the Tea Party actually is fighting for is a country with a reduced size and scope of government, lower taxes, less regulation and to “get the government to stop being an obstacle to freedom and prosperity and success.” Regardless if you agree with Rush, it is enlightening to hear some of his listeners actively disagree with him and even attempt to challenge him.

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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