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National Review Publishes Disaster Hot Take: Liberalism Is Worse Than Segregation

Markos Moulitsas’ Contempt for Red State Disaster Victims is Typical Smug Liberalism

Liberals Scramble for the TV Remote to Cope With Trump (Just Like We Said They Should)

Tucker Carlson Tears Into Liberal Entertainers: ‘Hollywood Won’t Exist … in 20 Years’

MSNBC, Please Don’t Go All Middle-of-the-Road When Your Liberal Viewers Need You More Than Ever

Tony Blair Warns About ‘Flabby Liberalism’ in the Wake of Extremism

Chuck Norris Hates ‘Secular and Progressive’ Public Schools

Limbaugh: Obamacare Won’t Bring End of Liberalism, but It’ll Strike ‘Near Fatal’ Blow

Killing to Save in Syria: When Liberalism is Lethal

Ben Affleck And The Disease Of ‘Feel-Good Limousine Liberalism’

Rick Santorum Bashes College, Claims Young People Are ‘Indoctrinated’ With ‘Antagonism Toward Christianity’

David Mamet On Sarah Palin: ‘I Am Crazy About Her’

Rush Limbaugh Tears Into Union-Defending Caller: “Liberalism Needs To Be Eradicated”

David Klinghoffer: “What Has Become of Conservatism?”

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